Share your thoughts about some of the apps I have featured or share others you use.  How might we use the apps with students?
2/23/2012 01:36:16 am

Evernote is one of best apps I've seen for so many reasons! It's a web-based note organizers that can be installed on all your devices. You an embed images and record audio on your notes. Notes can be organized into notebooks (by class, student, guided reading groups). Notebooks can be shared or linked via URL. There are too many possibilities to mention, but think through this: A teacher has a group working on reading fluency. She (or he) creates a notebook for the group. Text is entered into the note. A student opens the note and records herself reading. The note is saved and uploaded automatically. The teacher has created an archive of reading fluency all through Evernote.

2/23/2012 01:40:22 am

Check out TED. TED offers free videos from some of the world's renowned scientists, explorers, educators, etc. They are only about 5-10 minutes long and cover a wide variety of topics. TED is searchable so you can find content specific to your instruction. It's also a website you can access on your computer. It would be a great way to "bring in" an expert speaker to offer information to students.

2/24/2012 04:49:17 am

Appstream is an app that scans your iPad and makes suggestions on apps you might enjoy.

2/24/2012 04:52:51 am

Geared 2 is another fun thinking app. You put gears together to throw a hamster off of the wheel.

Matt McKenzie
3/4/2012 08:39:49 am

Scribblenauts is a great app for problem solving. It is a paid app, but for $4.99 my kids have to spell out the tool they want to use to solve the problem, then solve it with the item. They also have this for the Nintendo DS if you have kids.

6/25/2012 01:55:02 am

We have a school-wide Apps blog that we use to share ideas, collaborate, and learn more about iPad Integration.

6/25/2012 02:01:53 am

There is a great Math app for practicing math facts, Math Ninja. Very engaging appropriate for 1/2 grade and beyond, covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Not necessarily higher order thinking, but definitely good practice.

6/25/2012 02:15:23 am

An app I used with / created for my Kindergarten students to identify, practice, and learn capital and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and colors is Henry's Smart Headlamp. The kids love the main character and the concept behind the game, a hidden objects sort of approach. There are other seasonal apps we used / created for object identification, often in a center.

6/25/2012 02:15:48 am

Here is some information about beautiful read aloud app made by

Michael Tillyer
6/25/2012 02:19:09 am

Fluency is an app I created. It is free for a few days. Check it out.

6/25/2012 02:21:54 am

A wonderful app that I used with my Kindergarten class to teach our Space unit was Solar System by Marcus Chown. It is a highly interactive book, a bit pricey at $14 but totally worth it. We could interact with each planet / space object and see TONS of photographs of each. I would project it onto my Promethean board and the students could take turns with my guidance exploring that day's topic on the iPad. The students absolutely loved it.

6/25/2012 02:22:22 am

Our music teacher loves Virtuoso. It's a piano app. She does keyboard karate on the iPods with it, but the iPad app has a dual keyboard where kids can play in partners.

Meredith Nations
6/25/2012 02:31:36 am

Another great app to create books with is Book Creator.


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